This is How to change your username on a Mac 2

This is How to change your username on a Mac

It is important to know how to change your username on a Mac, especially if many people use your computer. You can change your username on your account at any time, as long as you have the correct admin password. Here’s how to change your username on a Mac without creating any problems. Before you begin, please take some time to back up any important information you may need from this user account. If something goes wrong, you can accidentally lock the account or create other problems that may leave you without access, so prepare accordingly.

This is How to change your username on a Mac 3

The Following Are The steps On how to How to change your username on a Mac

Step 1: Log in to a different administrator account

You cannot rename an account you are currently using. So, your first step is to log out and then log into your administrator account (the step that grants authorization to change things like usernames). You can sign out at any time by selecting the Apple logo in the upper-right corner of the Mac and choosing Sign Out.

This is How to change your username on a Mac 4

If the account you are currently using has administrator privileges, you will need to find an alternative solution. The easiest way is to create an alternate administrator account for these steps. You can delete this temporary account when completing the other steps.

Step 2: Rename the home folder

To completely change the name, you’ll need to start with your home folder. Your home folders are located in the Users folder. You should be able to find the Users folder by going to Finder> Go> Go to Folder, then typing “Users.” Alternatively, open Finder and press Cmd + Shift + C. Double-click the name of the boot drive, then double-click the Users folder.
Here, find the folder that contains the short name of the username you want to change. For example, if the full name is John Mac, the short name may be only John – or it may match the full name. Write down this name (you’ll need it later), then change the acronym to the name you want. Note that it must not contain any spaces. You will have to enter the administrator password again at this point.

This is How to change your username on a Mac 5

Step 3: Log in to Users and Groups to find your user profile

Go to the menu bar> System Preferences. Here, select Users and Groups, and click the Lock button so that you can start making changes. You may have to enter the administrator password again at this point.

Find the username you want to change and right-click or click Ctrl-click. From the context menu, choose Advanced. This should take you to a new window.

This is How to change your username on a Mac 6

Step 4: Rename the proper fields and restart

In the advanced options, find the fields named Account Name and Home Directory. In the Account Name field, you will need to change the name to the same name you gave the main folder in step 3. Ensure that the names match exactly and that there are no spaces; Otherwise, this will not work.
In the Home Directory domain, do the exact same thing. Enter the exact new username you want for your Mac.

Both the account name and the home directory affect short account names. If you want to change your full username, you can edit it in the full name field. This can contain spaces.

Now, go to Advanced> OK. Restart the Mac and log in to the account whose name you changed – the new name should now be visible. Check to make sure that all of your files and applications are visible and that everything appears to be working properly. Perform some basic procedures and open some documents. If everything looks fine, the new username is ready to use!

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