Coronavirus: UK health minister tests positive for coronavirus

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Health Minister and Conservative Representative Nadine Doris says she is infected with the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus: UK health minister tests positive for coronavirus 1

Mrs. Doris, the first female representative to take a positive test, said she took all recommended precautions after her discovery, and was isolated from herself at home.
It comes at a time when a sixth person died of the virus in the UK, which has a total of 382 cases.

The last person to die was a man in his early 80s with underlying health conditions.

Meanwhile, NHS England said it was increasing its ability to test people to see the extent of the infection, as more cases increased.

This means that 10,000 tests can be performed per day – 1500 tests are currently taken.

Confirmation of any positive test results will also be accelerated as most people recover the result within 24 hours.

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In a statement, Ms. Doris, a deputy for Mead Bedfordshire, said in a statement that public health in England had begun tracking people she had been in contact with, and that the department and her parliamentary office were following her advice closely.

The 62-year-old, who started her career as a nurse, later skipped it as a “beautiful rubbish but I hope I’m at her worst now”.

But she added that she was concerned about her 84-year-old mother with whom she was staying and started coughing on Tuesday.

It is not known how many meetings Mrs. Doris has attended in Westminster or in her constituency in recent days.

The Ministry of Health said it had symptoms for the first time on Thursday – the same day that it attended a Downing Street event hosted by the Prime Minister – and had been isolated from itself since Friday.

No. 10 has not commented on whether Boris Johnson has taken the test or if he will now be tested.

All health ministers, including Health Minister Matt Hancock, will be tested for the virus, along with other officials who have contacted Ms. Dorries.

Hancock tweets saying she “did the right thing” by self-isolating her at home and wishing her “to recover.”

He added: “I understand why people are concerned about this disease. We will do everything we can to keep people safe, based on the best possible science.”

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Public Health England has already performed over 25,000 corona virus tests across the UK.

The chief scientific officer of the National Health Service, Professor Dam Soo Hill, said the health service is preparing to deal with more cases.

“Every hospital across the country, and the healthcare professionals who run it, are now actively planning to respond flexibly to managing the new demand.”

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are expected to provide their testing services, but there will be some inter-country capacity, as needed.
The total number of cases in the UK includes 324 in England, 27 in Scotland, 16 in Northern Ireland and 15 in Wales.

There are 91 in London, though the next affected area is the highest in the South East, with 51 cases. The local council area cases in England can be found here.

The last person to die, on Monday evening, was a man with basic health diseases who was being treated at Watford General Hospital.

The virus has been detected in the UK and officials are trying to track who was in contact with it.

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The British Foreign Office has warned Britons of all their trips to Italy, with the exception of the countries with the worst outbreaks outside China, after imposing severe travel restrictions.

Italians are required to stay indoors and seek permission to travel necessary and provide justification if they want to leave the country.

The Foreign Office has advised anyone arriving in the UK from Italy since Monday evening for 14 days self-isolation.

The government says it has facilities to accommodate Italian visitors to the UK who need self-isolation.

British Airways canceled all flights to and from Italy until April 4, and required employees to take voluntary, unpaid leave.

Easyjet, Ryanair and Jet2 are also canceling their flights on Italian roads, although EasyJet will operate “rescue flights” to bring British travelers home in the coming days.

“Enter the shops one by one”

“We know we will have to go to the quarantine when we get home.”
“It is the weirdest vacation, I think I never went to,” said Hannah Bucher, from Newbury, Berkshire, who is visiting Rome with her husband for their first holiday since she gave birth to a child.

“We arrived on Sunday. The advice was as long as you will not go to the Red Zone in Italy, you are fine.

“We are currently sitting in a restaurant and everyone here is in nested ranks because they have to sit at a distance of one meter. It is quite strange

“People are only allowed to enter stores one at a time,” she added.

“All attractions are closed, and there are queues at the door of supermarkets and butchers. There is a police-led tour to make sure the rules are enforced and there is a noticeable presence of the armed police, and they are supposed to maintain order.”

She said they were scheduled to travel home with Ryanair on Wednesday morning and were not informed of any flight updates.

In other developments:

Manchester City’s Premier League game against Arsenal was postponed on Wednesday as a precaution due to the outbreak. The decision was taken after “Arsenal” personnel “appeared in contact with the owner of Olympiacos Evangelos Marinakis, who was confirmed to be infected with the virus.

The government is studying a “cocoon” policy for groups of the most vulnerable, such as the elderly in nursing homes, who may be separated from the population on a larger scale
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children canceled some unnecessary heart operations for two weeks after a health worker in the hospital’s cardiology department confirmed his HIV infection.

Royal Bank of Scotland, Lodz and TSB Bank said they would allow customers to postpone mortgage payments if necessary
Aviva, one of the UK’s largest insurance companies, has reduced the cover available in new travel insurance policies due to the Corona virus, with people unable to add a cover for “travel disorder”

The Church of England urged nationals to stop communicating during services – including cup sharing and handshakes for the peace sign
British nationals on board the HIV-infected cruise ship “Grand Princess” will be returned to the UK, where they will go to self-isolation.

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