What is Permanent Tissue

·         Permanent Tissue (Mature cells incapable of division)
§  Are tissues that have temporarily or permanently lost the power to divide
§  The cells formed by the apical meristem are differentiated into different types of permanent tissues 

·         Based on the constituent cells, the permanent tissue is classified into two types: –
§  Simple tissue
§  Tissues made up of cells with similar structure and function
§  Classified into;
·         Parenchyma,
·         Collenchyma and
·         Sclerenchyma
§  Complex tissue
§  A tissue made up of several kinds of cells but all of them function together as a single unit
§  Classified into;
·         Xylem tissue
o   Xylem (Greek word ‘xylos’= wood)
o   Xylem is made up of four kinds of cells
§  Tracheids
§  Vessels or tracheae,
§  Xylem fibres and
§  Xylem parenchyma
·         Phloem tissues
o   Phloem is composed of four types of cells:
§  Sieve elements,
§  Companion cells,
§  Phloem parenchyma and
§  Phloem fibres
·         Companion cells are present only in angiosperms

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References Evans, W. C. (2009). Trease and Evans Pharmacognosy. India: Reed Elsevier Limited

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