Importance of Pharmacotherapy

The following are the importance of Pharmacotherapy;

·         Helps in optimization of drug treatment in complex pharmacotherapy patients such as;
o   Patients with multiple medications
o   Patients with multiple disease states or conditions
o   Patients on narrow therapeutic index medications
o   Patients on medications requiring laboratory monitoring
o   Helps in optimization of drug therapy in patients with high risk for loss of continuity of care such as;
o   Patients with multiple prescribers
o   Patients with recent transitions of care (e.g., hospital discharge, rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility discharge)

·         Helps in reduction of  medication nonadherence especially in patients with;
o   Irregular refill history
o   History of failure to pick up new prescriptions
o   Stockpiling or incorrect pill counts
o   Financial burden (e.g., uninsured or underinsured)
o   Low health literacy
o   Patient’s beliefs indicate resistance to treatment
o   High-cost regimens
o   Noticeable decline in the health or functionality

·         Improves patients-pharmaceutical personnel relationship which is important for better therapeutic outcome

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