Drugs that qualify for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

The following are drugs that qualifies for TDM
·         Cardio active drugs
o   amiodarone,
o   digoxin,
o   digitoxin
o   disopyramide,
o   lignocaine,
o   procainamide,
o   propranolol and
o   quinidine
·         Aminoglycoside
o   gentamycin,
o   amikacin
o   tobramycin
·         Antidepressants :

o   lithium
o   tricyclic antidepressants
·         Antiepileptic drugs
o   Phenytoin,
o   phenobarbitone
o   benzodiazepines,
o   carbamazepine,
o   Valproic acid and
o   ethosuximide
·         Bronchodilators :
o   theophylline
·         Anti Cancer
o   methotrexate
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